Monday, July 29, 2013

Mermaid Necklace

Hi guys,
I made this necklace.  I love making jewelry and I'd like to share with you this piece.  I was really inspired by the season (if you didn't already notice from my last post). I kept the necklace in shades of blue and green with a couple bronze accents.   I strung chunky glass beads onto beadalon string because they reminded me of pebbles and shells in the sea. 

Beach Beauty

Hi guys,
I'm really in the spirit of summer right now and for me my favorite part of summer is visiting the beach.  I love the beach.  For those of you who plan on heading out to the beach or just want to sport a beach-y look here are some sunny tips (corny I know). :) 
Just look at that beach isn't it just beckoning you?!  It looks amazing!
    •  Protect your hair.  This is a must especially if you plan on going in the water.  You can opt for an updo, which is perfect because it is uncomfortable to have hair sticking to your back in the hot sun.  and if you really want to protect your hair use a heat spray.  A heat spray that you use when straightening your hair would be sufficient.  Also if you tend to have dry hair it is a good idea to precondition your hair before heading out.  By the way this is a great time to use headbands to keep back any unruly frizz or baby hairs or even frizzy baby hairs! Here are some cool headbands:


    • Wear a minimal amount of makeup.  I know for some of you the thought of going without foundation is mortifying; (but it really shouldn't be :)) no one will really care about your skin at the beach.  The beach is a place to relax so don't worry so much about what you look like.  But if you insist...opt for a tinted moisturizer that will offer light coverage and contains spf.  If you have acne believe it or not the salt in the ocean is great for your skin.  In fact ocean salt scrubs are sold for a pretty penny; so consider this a free spa day!   
    • Suntan lotion! (Duh!)   You may want to use an oil free non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) suntan lotion for your face.  Don't forget to protect under your eyes the last thing you want is tanned on eye bags (I'm speaking from experience here).
    • Paint your toe nails.  I can't even think of going to the beach without painted to nails, but then again that's just me.  Time to whip out the bright colors.  The colors that are very much on trend for this season are bright corals and mint.

      Throw on you bathing suit and some shades and go have fun! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub-oil free

Hey guys,
About a week  ago I purchased the Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub.  I was in need of a new facial exfoliating scrub and I snatched up this one.  I read the package and threw it into my shopping cart.  I didn't even open the cap and smell it.  I almost always smell products before I buy them; lets face it smell is a very important when it comes to something you are going to use on your face.  (Can you imagine buying a face soap that smells like sardines?)  

Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub, Oil FreeFirst use: I decided to try out the product when I got home first I cleansed my face and tried out the scrub. Upon opening the cap I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of oranges! The consistency was creamy, however, it did a great job in removing all oil off of my face without leaving it dry.  

Best uses: The light and creamy consistency helps the product live up to its name (gentle).  So this product is great for everyday use with normal skin or every couple of days for those with sensitive skin.

Recommendation: I would recommend this product to anyone with dry, normal to slightly oily skin.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Curly Hair Tips Part I

There is so much information about curly hair out there these days its like a curly hair revolution.  I mean seriously where was all of this information when I was in curly hair denial (but that's a story for another post).  So if you are still in the dark ages with your curly hair its time for you to walk into the light... of the curly renaissance that is.  

So here are some tips

1) Use a sulfate free shampoo.  Sulfates can cause curly hair to dry out further.  Sulfates are also found in hand soaps, doesn't that sound a bit harsh to put on your hair.  Opt for something gentle for your curls.

2)Finger de-tangle or use a wide-tooth comb on WET hair.  Do not attempt to de-tangle curly hair dry.  Not only is it such a strenuous and painful task but it causes your hair to break and split ends.  Rather de-tangle in the shower the weight of the water will help you and you can use your trusty wide-tooth comb. Wide-tooth combs tug on the hair less than regular combs.    

3)Moisturize.  Conditioner is your friend!!!!!  This is probably the most important tip!  You should gravitate towards any conditioner that is targeted towards dry or frizzy hair they should offer tons of moisture.


What is "V World Rocks"?

Welcome to the new site.

 V World Rocks (on blogger) is a new version of the old website on webs of the same name. I have decided to upgrade the old V World Rocks after logging on again to the old site and thinking to myself: "I can do so much more with this site".  So let the rebirth of V World Rocks begin.  Stay tuned!
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