Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why I Love Leave in Conditioners

Hi everyone,

I am always one for simplifying my beauty and hair routine.  Although my hair is what I consider high maintenance (very curly), I long to make my life easier and minimize styling time.  That being said I never really saw the use for leave in conditioners.  I thought to myself can't I just "leave in" some of my conditioner?  Well I did try that out for a while and it was all good.  However a couple of weeks ago I started using a leave in and I have noticed the following differences:
  • My hair has stayed moisturized longer (more days).
  • My curls are much softer
  • My curls last longer (more days) before they frizz.
 Well I have to admit that those results are great and I can't really argue with success.  So my hair routine is about 1 minute longer than it used to be, no big deal.  Also although my hair is curly leave in conditioners are not only for curly hair!
Here are some great leave in conditioners:

 Do you use a leave in conditioner? What is your favorite?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Modern Disney Princess: Rapunzel

Hi everyone,

Although Tangled is among one of the newer Disney movies (and probably not from your childhood), I know most of you have seen it.

Overall her look is very light and girly!
Although her gown is simple, I felt like I needed to keep some of the embroidery and of course the color that make it special.  I chose the shoes because of the detailing and embroidery.  If you notice in the pictures above her makeup is pretty minimalistic, so I chose nude shades and a brown eyeliner.  And of course I added a fancy hair comb.

Who should be next: Merida (Brave) or Jasmine (Aladdin)?
(Don't worry I'll eventually do both!)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Give Me Spring

Hi everyone,

I couldn't wait to wear lighter jackets and skirts and now it looks like the time is finally here! (YAY!)  In honor of the first day of Spring I have these two collages for you. Here are some looks from the seson (that has finally arrived)!  If you are doing any shopping maybe this can help inspire you.

Happy first day of Spring everyone!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lets Chat #14

Hi everyone,

I haven't done a Lets Chat in a while as a matter of fact I haven't posted in a while!  Sorry about all of that I have been really busy lately.  I just took a big exam today and it feels so good to just go home without having to study my way into sleep deprivation!  *sigh* Well that is enough about that I won't keep thinking about that test.  Don't you feel great when you get something dreaded over-with?!  Well I hope you all had a great and (well rested) week. :)

I just thought I should inform you as to why my posting has been a bit sporadic.  I should get back to my twice-a-week posting schedule soon.  Speaking off week, how do you like to wind down after a rough week?  I was just telling some friends that once everything is over, I am still wired next I am tired, then energized for a while (like now), then I am exhausted; like clockwork.  During that brief energized period I like to listen to music, or play video games.  Shopping works too but I don't always have the budget for that, but today I bought myself a nice bikini top.  And although Spring let alone Summer can't come fast enough, I'm really happy that the weekend is almost here!

Here is a nice little collage of coziness for you!

 How do you like to wind down after a rough week?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Break


I know different colleges have spring breaks at different times.  So it is very possible that some of you are on spring break right now, if you are I hope you are enjoying yourself.  Also for those of you who are not on break yet do you have any plans, any travel plans?  This spring break I will be going away (to some place warm). 

Here are some nice items from, they are all reasonably priced:!prettyPhoto
 Metallic bikini
 Ok, now this item is really cool for girls or for guys.  This would be a great gift for a guy!

Friday, March 7, 2014


Hi guys,

This look was inspired by "bling" - well not really - okay maybe a bit.  This look was inspired by what I think a modern Roman or Egyptian goddess would wear. Where do you think someone who would wear this would be from?
As you can see the main thing for this look is the color scheme: black and gold.  I went for a bold red lip to change up the scheme a bit and add a bit of boldness and keep the look from being too matchy-matchy.
What do you think?  Who do you think would wear this outfit?