Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let's Chat #20: Something Special

Hi everyone,

Here is another Let's Chat for you...#20.  There always seems to be something special about the number twenty, kind of like an accomplishment of sorts.  Well speaking of accomplishments.  My blog is just over one year old!  Yes, this little old blog of mine blew out it's pixel-y birthday candles a few days ago on July 23. (I guess this is a bit of a late post).

I started up this blog as a hobby.  I had originally planned on doing reviews and fashion posts mostly.  Although fashion is still a big part of my blog I haven't really done many reviews; but I've done a couple series's I have been proud of including a Christmas series and Disney Princess series (and of course the whole let's chat thing).  When I first started blogging I was a bit of a "shy blogger", in a sense that, my personality didn't show through in my writing as much as I would have liked.  Now it is getting pretty easy to post and I feel right at home here on my blog with you guys  (as it should be).  Also as my blog changed I changed the look around as well and made it look more streamlined.  Anyone remember when my blog had the little blue polkadots? I still like polkadots but it was time for a change.

Along the way I have been introduced to some really neat blogs and inspiring from all over the world--how cool is that?  I'd like to thank the academy all of my followers for your feed back and motivating me.  

Thanks everyone!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Beach Beauty

Hi everyone,

If you didn't know, I love the beach!  Do you?  I can't understand why people don't like the beach... but to each their own I guess.  Everyone knows what to bring to the beach but here is a little list of beauty products you might want to toss into your beach bag.  Don't forget these essentials.

  1. Hair ties.  Don't forget them!  Bring more than one because one usually is lost at sea.
  2. lip balm.  Nothing dries out your lips like sea water except maybe sucking on a lemon.
  3. Pressed powder.  I never bring this to the beach but if you aren't planning on setting foot in the water, you can bring this.  If you want to take some pictures and don't want to look shiny, bring this little guy with you.  To be completely honest, you really shouldn't worry about shine at the beach...everyone is shiny.
  4. Reapply sun screen.  (Duh)
  5. Hair products.  Although I don't bother with any sort of makeup I may bring along some type of hair product.  Sea salt can be so drying and a moisturizing conditioner may be just what you need.  If you are going to go rinse your hair out immediately this may not be necessary but if you are planning a long day you might want to bring this.   Bonus: you can put some conditioner (more than you would usually put) in your hair before going out into the sun to give yourself a deep conditioning treatment.
Where is your favorite beach?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Simple vs. Statement

Hi everyone,

Here are two necklace types that are very popular this season:
Although these necklaces are quite different you can actually wear either of them on many of the same occasions.  Here are some ways to wear the two types of necklaces:

  • Jeans and tee (both)
  • Patterned dress (simple only)
  • Bright clothing (both)
  • A simple dress for example an LBD or a white dress (both)
  • Special occasion (both).

Which do you prefer?

Lets Chat #19: Summer Budgeting

Hi everyone,

Summer is a time where you feel like spending a lot of money.  I don't know about you but I am very motivated to do things during this season... because it always seems like there is something to do.  It is very easy for money to fly out of my pocket during the current season, but I haven't been letting it.  This Summer I really am being frugal (so far) and I have been prioritizing.

Here is what I have been doing:

  • Don't spend any money on makeup with the exception of lip products.  I know that sounds completely taboo considering part of the focus of this blog is beauty, but I've got to be practical.  In the Summer time I really don't want to be bothered with much makeup.  Truthfully I can't take the feeling of makeup on my face in the heat.  I think a pressed powder lipstick and a waterproof eyeliner are good enough for me; so I'll only buy these (if necessary).
  • Skin care products: spend if necessary.  I never am too cheap with skin care.  However, I won't spend everything on it.  Good skin care is important, and to me high priority.
  • Hair products: I actually haven't spent much on this considering I have stocked up a little while back. (:
  • Clothes: I haven't really spent much but if you are willing to spend now is the time to buy Summer clothes because most places have a sale around mid Summer .
  • Events/Food:  If I am going to hang out this is where my money goes.  Since I basically skimped on everything else, I am willing to spend most of my money on fun things to go do; especially in this weather.
Also I'd like to say that it is ok to splurge once in a while because if you don't you might break your budget all together.  

Have you been on a budget?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Hair Tips: Frizz

Hi everyone,

For many Summer means a new hair cut an possibly a change in hair color.   Summer also can mean humidity.  Humidity doesn't only make your skin skin sticky but it can frizz out your hair.  Personally in hot weather I can't bear to have my hair down (because really curly hair can be like an instant sweater).  I do wear my hair down in the Summer but I am far less particular and worried about frizz. If you have thick or textured hair humidity may not be your friend and there is no use fighting it much-- I'm not saying don't care about you hair; I am saying fight frizz but don't freak out if your hair is a little frizzy, relax. :).     

But if you are going to be an absolute perfectionist about your hair, even in the summer *sigh*, now is the perfect time for you to showcase some of your favorite updos or even a simple side braid (one of my personal favorites).

Although I mentioned not to worry to much about frizz, here are some tips to keep your hair somewhat intact during this humidity:

  • Before I get down to the tips I'd like to say this:  Healthy hair consists of strands where the hair cuticle lays flat.  I know you have probably seen on the back of some hair product or even on a commercial hair under a microscope.  They usually show you a strand or two that looks kind of like a Christmas tree; that strand is screaming "MOISTURE!" Next to it they show you the after pic where the cuticles lay flat.  Back to that Christmas tree strand, this strand is reaching out and looking for moisture so if it reaches out to moisture in the air (humidity) it will rise up and create frizz.  I hope that makes sense.
  • When washing your hair give your hair one last rinse of cold water.  I'm not saying to take a freezing cold shower but at the end of the shower quickly rinse your hair in cold water.  Doing this seals the cuticle of your hair.
  • Use moisturizing products.  Remember if your hair can't find enough moisture anywhere it will grab some from that humid air!
  • Use an oil.  If your hair is oily usually you might want to use a teeny amount but if your hair is dry or curly you can be a bit more generous.  Of course you know oil repels water, in this case it repels humidity.
  • Embrace the messy look.  Summer was made for messy hair (well not really); think of all of the styles that can work with a little more texture to it (e.g. messy bun, beachy waves).
I hope you are having fun with your hair.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nailed it!

Hi everyone,

Personally I think Summer time is the best season for nails.  During the Summer you get to try out fun colors and designs.  Although I am usually quite reserved with the colors I prefer on my own nails I am trying to break out of my comfort zone a bit  at least for a little while.  I have also changed up my nail shape from soft square to round.  I have been itching for a bit of a change and even a small change in nail shape makes me smile.

One unpleasant thing about painting your nails often is that they may become stained.  Nails usually are quickly stained as a result of using red bright pink and especially orange and yellow.  Blush tone and neutral colors rarely stain ( if they do it is barely noticeable).  This shouldn't make you run with fear as you chuck your favorite red polish out of the window, just be more careful.  It is no big deal really!

  • You can prevent staining (without buying extra products) by painting a thin layer of clear underneath the nail color of your choosing.
  • If your nails are stained you may try lightly filing or buffing the top layer (stained layer) of nail off.  Don't go overboard with the filing--you are thinning out your nail a bit.  
Here is some nail inspiration for ya:

What is your favorite nail color/design?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lets Chat #18

Hi everyone,

Lots of things have been happening this past month.  I just didn't get around to posting as much as I would have liked to.  Honestly it was a bit stressful, but it wasn't all doom and gloom.  I feel like this past month has brought tons of changes and maybe even new beginnings.

How have you guys been?  Hopefully it's been great to you.

Now that I am about to complete my summer course (that I really enjoyed) I feel the urge to go do things.  Does anyone else feel like going out and conquering the world after you complete something-well maybe not something but you feel... motivated?  Hopefully this motivation won't dig a big hole into my wallet putting my frugal efforts to a halt.  We'll see. ;)

I should be blogging more regularly soon.