Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Movies that Are NOT Scary

Hi guys,

Do you like scaring yourself?  If you don't I understand. Let's say you are to scared for scary movies; here are some things you can still watch this Halloween!

I can honestly say I have been watching this movie every year for as long as I can remember.  It's become a tradition.  This claymation movie is perfect; the songs are great, the characters are great and it is perfect for those of you who don't like scary movies.  I love this movie! Rated:PG

This is an adventure/action horror movie.  Although it is slightly scarier than the previous two movies I have listed, it shouldn't be too frightening.   I feel like this movie is almost always on TV those of you with the FX channel should know what I am talking about. Rated: PG-13

I remember reading the book of the same name back in elementary school.  I have to admit that although this movie is not frightening enough to be deemed scary (in my book anyway), it is a bit spooky in a nightmarish kind of way.  Rated: PG 

 This movie is really not scary at all, but that does not mean that the story isn't good.  I think the title says it all, so I'll let it speak for itself.  Rated: PG

Would you like a list of scary movies?  Or any other movie list for that matter? If so let me know below!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Vampire Costume

Hi guys,

This is the second costume I made for you all.  If you haven't noticed by the title, this blog features a vampire costume.  I can honestly say I am not that big of a fan of twilight and that this look was not inspired by the books or the movies.  So with out further a due, I present to you...

This "Vampire Queen" look is a more glamorous take on a vampire because it features a long dress with elaborate design. 

The dress-  I am love this dress by Junya Watanabe and I think a dress with such a gorgeous design is fit for a queen (and yes a vampire queen).  

Shoes-  I chose studded shoes for this look to add toughness to the look.  You can wear whatever your little vampire-heart desires. But I suggest shoes with a bit of a heel because of the length of the dress.

Accessories-  I included black accessories because the dress is colorful and I did not want to take away from the  dress.  I chose the earrings because they resemble fangs.

Nail polish-  Instead of plain black nail polish, this nail polish has sparkles.

Perfume-  I included Loverdose because if you are going to be immortal and undead you might as well smell good.

Makeup-  For this look your eyes should take the center-stage.  Go for something dark or an exaggerated cat-eye or anything lavish and mysterious.  You may want to add oxblood lipstick, if you are up for it.

Want to see my take on specific costume? Let me know!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Witch Halloween Costume

Hi guys,

I am going to put up a couple Halloween costumes (this being the first of them) on my blog as part of the #Bloggoween series.  These costumes are meant to kick the regular Halloween costume up a notch.  Since fashion has a huge part in this blog; I am going to try to make the looks a bit more fashion forward than your average Halloween costume.  Usually I find myself stuck between choosing a kiddy Halloween costume or an impractical Halloween costume (the Mean Girls type, if you know what I mean.)  So if I am going to dress up I make my own Halloween costume.  Hopefully these posts will give you some ideas if you are going to dress up.

This witch costume is a bit understated which lets you get creative with the accessories!

Lace dress-  I love this black lace dress for the look because although lace is usually extremely feminine, the black fabric adds a bit of mystery (which is perfect for a witch costume)!  

Ankle strap heels-  Now what you wear on your feet is completely up to you; you can even opt for flats if that makes you more comfortable.  I am a sucker for ankle-straps.  I think that ankle-straps add class to the look, and since the dress is on the shorter side of the spectrum, the straps will bring attention to your legs.

Broom and witch hat- Need I say more?

Spider ring-  This ring is perfect for the look, I just love the colors.

For the makeup I suggest using dark colors you may choose to go all black or add purple or even dark green (have fun with it).  With a simple outfit you can concentrate more on letting your makeup take center stage.

Stay tuned! More looks to come!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lets Chat #4: Friends

Hi guys,

I've been a bit nostalgic lately (yes this post is going to be a bit cheesy).  I get nostalgic sometimes and I ponder a lot (yes like winnie the pooh).  When thinking of old times you think of old friends and old acquaintances.  I came to the conclusion that many friends come and go an only a few stay.  

The fact that most friends don't stay used to really get to me in the past.  Here is what I've learned about friends (3 categories): 

Sunshine friends:  A good friend of mine gave this name to people who "are there when the sun is out but when it starts to get cloudy and rain they leave".  In other words they are only there for the ride, the minute you need help they will leave.  I don't consider these people friends, they are more like "fun acquaintances"; they are great to invite to parties but not the people that you run too for help.

For the time being friends: Unlike sunshine friends you don't part ways with these people because they are not there for you when you needed them.  You part ways with them when whatever was keeping you together and in contact has ended.  For example, you graduate and you never see or hear from them again. This is not necessarily a bad friend, this is the case for most people.  If you want to continue the friendship contact the person it can be that simple.  But if you are doing all of the work and you are the only one reaching out to keep the friendship going, the friendship is one-sided.

True/Best friends:  This doesn't need much explanation.  You can have a best friend and not talk to them for a while; but one good thing about best friends is no matter where you left off when you see each other again you have lots of stories to share.

Unlike on television people are not running around with a billion best friends (if you are you are extremely blessed).  People are lucky to have two or three long-lasting true friends.  The important thing about friends is, no matter which friends you have just enjoy the ride (as cliche as it sounds). 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scarves, Sweaters, Boots!

Hi guys,

Although I favor the warmer months, I have to say that I love to get cozy and snuggle up when the weather gets cooler.  By the way, I love a good cup of tea and a good hot cocoa!  I love to get cozy in  scarves, sweaters, and boots; I know a lot of you are the same.  When it reaches a certain temperature I am rarely spotted in anything other than a sweater (usually over-sized), a scarf, and a nice pair of boots.  It's all so comfy!

 Are you a comfy clothes fiend like me?  What is your go to outfit for the colder months?
Comment below :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

October Makeup

Hi guys,

Going as a cat, or witch this Halloween?  If you are a great smokey eye can take the look up a notch.  For some costumes makeup can be your best accessory.  Since Halloween costumes usually call for dark makeup, now is the time to start mastering the smokey eye.

This is my first post in the #bloggoween series which is going to be a blast.  A good number of bloggers are participating in the series so keep an eye out.  I'm going to be featuring a couple Halloween costumes in this #bloggoween series; so stay tuned! Even if you aren't celebrating a good smokey eye is perfect for cooler months.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Get Cozy!

Hi guys,
It is cooling down (weather-wise). The time is coming to cuddle up under a nice blanket, with a nice cup of tea.  My room was cozy-ed up a bit by switching to a heavier blanket and changing to darker curtains.  Maybe this picture can give you ideas for your own room.

Anyone who has been to my house can tell you about my obsession for candles (and basically anything that smells good).  I feel like you a good scented candle can be relaxing.  After a long day I just love lighting a candle and in a couple of minutes my room smells like heaven! Here are a few candles I recently purchased.  I also have a reed diffuser in the back.

What are your favorite candle scents? And what makes you feel nice and cozy in your room?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Lets Chat #3: Surviving Midterms Week

Hi  guys,

This let's chat post is going to be slightly different than the previous two posts.   If you haven't already noticed by the title of this post, the post is going to be about midterms.  Dun dun dun!  Well actually you shouldn't be scared when you see the word midterm in the title of this post, but that is actually how many people feel when they encounter that (dreaded) word.
Midterm week is next week for me and I have exams for my two hardest classes in one day, no breaks to study in between (chemistry and genetics).  So you can consider this post a break from my studies.
Here is an inspirational quote for you guys that applies to more than just test taking:

Hopefully this post will help whether you are in college or  high school or just need to take an exam.

Here are some tips to help you survive the midterms (or any other testing week for that matter):

1)Get rest- I know many people feel that when a big test is coming up they have to pull an all-nighter for it.  Unless you completely must.  Which brings me to my next point

2)Pace yourself- All-nighters usually consist of cramming.  Although cramming may seem like a good idea it should be the last resort.  After all your brain does eventually wear out and start to get sleepy.  So when you find yourself reading the same sentence over and over again or doing the same problem without it making any sense it is time to take a break, this also conveniently brings me to my next point.

3)Take breaks- Now this is a tricky one because not everyone has the same attention span.  You may just have to test yourself to see how long you can study before you tire out.  Also don't confuse not wanting to study with your mind asking for a break.  Here is a helpful method someone told me about how to do your study sessions:  Study for 45 minutes. Then give yourself a 15 minute break, to walk around or go on the internet.  When the 15 minutes are up go back to studying for another 45 minutes and repeat.  This method helps you concentrate without distractions. 

4) Relax- Whether it is before the test or during the actual exam, the last thing you need to be doing is freaking out because when you freak out you are least productive.  I know this is hard for a lot of people (and me at times) but just "chill out"!

Good luck everyone.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Little Black Dress

Hi guys,

Today I present to you the humble black dress.  The black dress is versatile and can be worn during any season and can be dressed up or down.  A simple black dress is a must have for everyone's closet, and a go-to dress on several occasions; those of you who own one can attest to this.  If you do not own an LBD find one that is simple (the simplicity makes it versatile) and flattering to your shape.  Also try to find a comfortable dress there is nothing better than wearing something that both looks great and is comfortable (have fun shopping!).   
Here is an example of how the same dress can be changed drastically depending on shoes and accessories:

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: Sephora Collection: Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face Brush

Hi guys,

For a while now I have been using toothbrush to exfoliate.  Although this technique is great it takes a while to cover your entire face.  The toothbrush is perfect for small areas such as around your nose.
I decided that I needed to treat myself and step it up a notch.  I was not going to shell out all of that dough for a Clarisonic (I'm a student afterall).  When I am going to buy something I make sure I shop around for the best deal that suits my needs.  In other words, I am not an impulse buyer.  So after some hunting around on the internet I found and decided on this...
I bought this handy-dandy tool at Sephora $18.  The tool has 2 sides, one side is a brush while the other is a silicone pad.

The brush side: The brush is what I call medium firmness.  You may want to use it less often especially if you have sensitive skin. Maybe if you have normal skin every two days and every week if you have sensitive skin.  Do what you feel your skin can handle. (That is always the key).  Also a little product goes a long way; you only need a pea size amount to get crazy suds!

The silicone side: This is interesting.  I can honestly say I haven't seen a silicone scrubber before.  The claim of the pink side, is to "deeply invigorate" the skin.  When you use this side it kind of feels like someone is rubbing your face with a latex glove.  It does not really feel like there is any invigorating going on, but it may still be working.  I feel that it is a bit cumbersome to put such a delicate scrubber on such a big tool.  Unlike the bristles it can not contour around your face because it is basically flat.  I think the pink side would work much better if it was detachable or separate. 

The brush side is great for exfoliation.
The pink side may be great for those with super sensitive skin.
Comes with a cover for the brush bristles (to keep things sanitary).
Maximizes product usage (you don't need to use much product).
Cheaper than other alternatives.

Brush may be to harsh for some.
Pink side may be too delicate for some.
Cumbersome at times.

Overall: I think this is a great product for those of us on a budget.  Although using the pink silicone side in small areas is difficult to impossible, the brush is great.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡ (4 out of 5)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

An Outfit Inspired by Apples

Hi guys,

Remember my previous post about my apple picking adventure?  Well I still have some apples left over even after making a pie and two apple crisps and giving some away!  The apples are sitting in a cute basket.  I have been inspired by all things fall (if you haven't noticed yet).  I have decided to make an outfit post inspired by the apples I have harvested.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Makeup

Hi guys,

Bring back the deep rich earthy tones and jewel tones because it's time for fall makeup.
Do you have a favorite fall makeup trend?
I'd love to hear about it!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lets Chat #2: Apple Picking

Hi guys,

This past weekend I went apple picking.  I had a nice drive up-state (NY).  It is always nice to see a change in scenery; and even though I'm from an urban area I love rural areas, where nature gets to take its course, and the air is fresh.

The scenery was surreal; even though I had been there before, it never fails to amaze me.  On top of it all, the weather was perfect, a sunny 75 (fahrenheit, or 23.9C).  We picked apples to our hearts content.  We left the orchard with a ton of apples!  We had enough apples to fill over two big baskets.  I brought my little camera along and took some photos.

Do you enjoy nature?