Monday, October 28, 2013

Vampire Costume

Hi guys,

This is the second costume I made for you all.  If you haven't noticed by the title, this blog features a vampire costume.  I can honestly say I am not that big of a fan of twilight and that this look was not inspired by the books or the movies.  So with out further a due, I present to you...

This "Vampire Queen" look is a more glamorous take on a vampire because it features a long dress with elaborate design. 

The dress-  I am love this dress by Junya Watanabe and I think a dress with such a gorgeous design is fit for a queen (and yes a vampire queen).  

Shoes-  I chose studded shoes for this look to add toughness to the look.  You can wear whatever your little vampire-heart desires. But I suggest shoes with a bit of a heel because of the length of the dress.

Accessories-  I included black accessories because the dress is colorful and I did not want to take away from the  dress.  I chose the earrings because they resemble fangs.

Nail polish-  Instead of plain black nail polish, this nail polish has sparkles.

Perfume-  I included Loverdose because if you are going to be immortal and undead you might as well smell good.

Makeup-  For this look your eyes should take the center-stage.  Go for something dark or an exaggerated cat-eye or anything lavish and mysterious.  You may want to add oxblood lipstick, if you are up for it.

Want to see my take on specific costume? Let me know!


  1. Shoes *___* Cool!

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  2. lovely blog!!
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  3. I do love your Halloween moodboards!!
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  4. So cool and kind of creepy!:)

  5. love the red dress! i'm following you via gfc and bloglovin <3


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  7. That dress is anazingggggggggg! I so want to try the new Diesel lover dose fragrance as I LOVE the original xx

  8. very well put together vee :) i like the shoes a lot and i like it that you included perfume as well ^^ im not a fan of the movie either but i did like some of the books :P


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