Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekend Outfit

Hi everyone,

If you didn't read my last post I'll fill you in: I am back at school again, as of this passing week a new semester is underway.  When this weekend finally arrived, I was ready to throw on some comfy clothes again (not like this week was especially hard or anything).

So here is a very casual outfit that can easily be changed from"bumming out" clothes to"going out" clothes, if your plans change.

How do you spend your weekends? How do you like to spend your weekends?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Let's Chat #26: Vacation, Snow, and Going Back to Class

Hi everyone,

Well if you live in the US you probably heard about this big-ole snow storm that was supposed to hit. NYC shut down trains, buses and roads, expecting a monster type storm.  Well yeah there was a storm, a lot of snow but... I think it is safe to say the meteorologists were pretty wrong about the magnitude of the storm (with respect to the NYC area).  I wish I could say that the picture below was the view from my window, but it isn't (yes I just put that picture up because it looked pretty).  So anyway, I am in my house typing this post for all of you.

If you didn't know, I have been on break this much (no classes); but, I will be back at school tomorrow.  I don't want to go back, but honestly I don't think I would ever want to go back.  Not because my college is horrible, but because why would you ever want to end a vacation?  I know some people who get so bored they can't wait to go back to class (Isn't that crazy?).  I can't imagine being that bored!  With all that being said, I really enjoyed this break.  I got so much that I wanted to do, done!

What are your favorite things to do when it snows outside?  Do you stay in or go out?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Enchanted Garden

Hi everyone,

This is the first outfit post I created inspired by a scenery photo.  It's a surprise that out of all of the outfit posts I have done, none of them have been based on a scenery photo.  Maybe it is the lack of greenery (winter), or just my general love/longing for the warmer months that made me fall in love with this photo.

Anyway, here is the look:

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Retro Pink: A Makeup Look

Hi everyone,

I decided to put together a little guide to re-create this makeup look.  Hopefully you'll like it, especially if you love pink!  I feel like this look is very flexible because you do not necessarily have to choose pink as the main color; because this look is very monochromatic you can substitute it with any color you like.  Personally super-pink makeup (especially lipstick) doesn't look right on me, so I would substitute pink with another color.

Never the less this look is very cute.  If you are feeling playful and/or you are feeling that retro vibe complete the look with a bandana or hairband.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Let's Chat: #25

Hi everyone,

Here is another "Let's Chat" post.  I feel like it has been ages since I have updated you all; so this post  is over due.

"So what's been happening with you?" Oh I've just been hanging out and catching up with some friends.  It's one of the best ways to unwind after a busy semester.   Thank's for asking. :)

I recently got back from a trip.  I went with a few friends on a little adventure.  If you have followed this blog for a while or if you know me in person you probably know that I love going to new places and getting a chance of scenery.  It is so refreshing, and most of all I had a great time!

I also am in the process of redecorating my room.  I felt it was time for some much needed change.  Although I am a person who is very set in their ways, I do cherish change (sometimes).  I have been combing the web for inspiration and I am letting my mind run wild with decorating ideas!  I still have a little bit of tidying up to do, but I'd like to say that most of the heavy lifting (pun intended) is over.  This is a good opportunity to get my creative juices flowing!

And that's just half-of-a-tiny taste of the beautiful world of wall decor!
What are you all up to?
Any cool room ideas?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lace Charm

Hi everyone,

I was feeling the urge to make a fancy outfit post.  I am in love with this dress, it is so glamorous!  I thought that since it was so classy it deserved a classic makeup look, like red lips (the official classy makeup look).

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Clean Up Nice

Hi everyone,

Was getting organized on your list of New Year's resolutions?  Even if it wasn't you should make it a priority.  Being organized makes life so much easier (no joke).  But before things get easier you are going to have to do some setting up.

I am happy to say that I have gotten better at organizing my closet, this past year!  Although sometimes things do get a bit unfolded, everything is under control and I know where everything is.  Gone are the days of rummaging through my closet and making an even bigger mess.

If you plan to organize your closet setting up a plan of action is key!  You need to think about how you live your life; more specifically, how you wear your clothes.  If you love wearing big comfy sweaters keep them within reach.  If you are into layering, don't keep your tank tops with the rest of your Summer clothes.  Those are just some examples of things to consider.

Still stumped?  Here are some more things to consider:

Do you like to fold your clothes or hang them?
How can you make the best use of your clothes?
What do you wear the most?
Need more shelf space?
Which shoes have you been wearing most?