Friday, July 25, 2014

Beach Beauty

Hi everyone,

If you didn't know, I love the beach!  Do you?  I can't understand why people don't like the beach... but to each their own I guess.  Everyone knows what to bring to the beach but here is a little list of beauty products you might want to toss into your beach bag.  Don't forget these essentials.

  1. Hair ties.  Don't forget them!  Bring more than one because one usually is lost at sea.
  2. lip balm.  Nothing dries out your lips like sea water except maybe sucking on a lemon.
  3. Pressed powder.  I never bring this to the beach but if you aren't planning on setting foot in the water, you can bring this.  If you want to take some pictures and don't want to look shiny, bring this little guy with you.  To be completely honest, you really shouldn't worry about shine at the beach...everyone is shiny.
  4. Reapply sun screen.  (Duh)
  5. Hair products.  Although I don't bother with any sort of makeup I may bring along some type of hair product.  Sea salt can be so drying and a moisturizing conditioner may be just what you need.  If you are going to go rinse your hair out immediately this may not be necessary but if you are planning a long day you might want to bring this.   Bonus: you can put some conditioner (more than you would usually put) in your hair before going out into the sun to give yourself a deep conditioning treatment.
Where is your favorite beach?


  1. I love your picks and Hawaiian Tropic is my favorite sunscreen!


  2. Love it!

  3. Great picks for the beach, I love the hair ties!

  4. Great tips! I am so excited to have a nice beach day very soon once my boyfriend comes to visit me in Singapore (I'm visiting Singapore for a month while he's visiting his homecity of Hong Kong for a couple of weeks)! These tips are great, you can never have enough hair ties or sunscreen!

    xx Debbie

    1. Should be fun! That's right about the hair ties... I should have even included a headband on the list.


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