Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Hair Tips: Frizz

Hi everyone,

For many Summer means a new hair cut an possibly a change in hair color.   Summer also can mean humidity.  Humidity doesn't only make your skin skin sticky but it can frizz out your hair.  Personally in hot weather I can't bear to have my hair down (because really curly hair can be like an instant sweater).  I do wear my hair down in the Summer but I am far less particular and worried about frizz. If you have thick or textured hair humidity may not be your friend and there is no use fighting it much-- I'm not saying don't care about you hair; I am saying fight frizz but don't freak out if your hair is a little frizzy, relax. :).     

But if you are going to be an absolute perfectionist about your hair, even in the summer *sigh*, now is the perfect time for you to showcase some of your favorite updos or even a simple side braid (one of my personal favorites).

Although I mentioned not to worry to much about frizz, here are some tips to keep your hair somewhat intact during this humidity:

  • Before I get down to the tips I'd like to say this:  Healthy hair consists of strands where the hair cuticle lays flat.  I know you have probably seen on the back of some hair product or even on a commercial hair under a microscope.  They usually show you a strand or two that looks kind of like a Christmas tree; that strand is screaming "MOISTURE!" Next to it they show you the after pic where the cuticles lay flat.  Back to that Christmas tree strand, this strand is reaching out and looking for moisture so if it reaches out to moisture in the air (humidity) it will rise up and create frizz.  I hope that makes sense.
  • When washing your hair give your hair one last rinse of cold water.  I'm not saying to take a freezing cold shower but at the end of the shower quickly rinse your hair in cold water.  Doing this seals the cuticle of your hair.
  • Use moisturizing products.  Remember if your hair can't find enough moisture anywhere it will grab some from that humid air!
  • Use an oil.  If your hair is oily usually you might want to use a teeny amount but if your hair is dry or curly you can be a bit more generous.  Of course you know oil repels water, in this case it repels humidity.
  • Embrace the messy look.  Summer was made for messy hair (well not really); think of all of the styles that can work with a little more texture to it (e.g. messy bun, beachy waves).
I hope you are having fun with your hair.


  1. Thanks for the tips! Lovely post!

    XX Nora /

  2. I do also get frizzy hair, but up to a point where I can't comb through I need to be wary of humidity! :-)
    Those hair styles you picked are lovely!


    1. a good leave in conditioner should help you detangle. Best of luck and thanks.


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