Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lets Chat #19: Summer Budgeting

Hi everyone,

Summer is a time where you feel like spending a lot of money.  I don't know about you but I am very motivated to do things during this season... because it always seems like there is something to do.  It is very easy for money to fly out of my pocket during the current season, but I haven't been letting it.  This Summer I really am being frugal (so far) and I have been prioritizing.

Here is what I have been doing:

  • Don't spend any money on makeup with the exception of lip products.  I know that sounds completely taboo considering part of the focus of this blog is beauty, but I've got to be practical.  In the Summer time I really don't want to be bothered with much makeup.  Truthfully I can't take the feeling of makeup on my face in the heat.  I think a pressed powder lipstick and a waterproof eyeliner are good enough for me; so I'll only buy these (if necessary).
  • Skin care products: spend if necessary.  I never am too cheap with skin care.  However, I won't spend everything on it.  Good skin care is important, and to me high priority.
  • Hair products: I actually haven't spent much on this considering I have stocked up a little while back. (:
  • Clothes: I haven't really spent much but if you are willing to spend now is the time to buy Summer clothes because most places have a sale around mid Summer .
  • Events/Food:  If I am going to hang out this is where my money goes.  Since I basically skimped on everything else, I am willing to spend most of my money on fun things to go do; especially in this weather.
Also I'd like to say that it is ok to splurge once in a while because if you don't you might break your budget all together.  

Have you been on a budget?

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  1. i dont have a speciale budget but i always take care of how many i buy
    i love to do shopping but im reasonnable so my budget its ok :)


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