Sunday, March 23, 2014

Modern Disney Princess: Rapunzel

Hi everyone,

Although Tangled is among one of the newer Disney movies (and probably not from your childhood), I know most of you have seen it.

Overall her look is very light and girly!
Although her gown is simple, I felt like I needed to keep some of the embroidery and of course the color that make it special.  I chose the shoes because of the detailing and embroidery.  If you notice in the pictures above her makeup is pretty minimalistic, so I chose nude shades and a brown eyeliner.  And of course I added a fancy hair comb.

Who should be next: Merida (Brave) or Jasmine (Aladdin)?
(Don't worry I'll eventually do both!)


  1. Love the collection of amazing looks!

  2. Me encantan los zapatos de tacón de encaje, preciosos !!!!!! ;)

  3. Great post! Such a good idea to make a real-life outfit for Rapunzel

    1. Make sure you check out the other posts in the series! :)


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