Monday, July 29, 2013

Beach Beauty

Hi guys,
I'm really in the spirit of summer right now and for me my favorite part of summer is visiting the beach.  I love the beach.  For those of you who plan on heading out to the beach or just want to sport a beach-y look here are some sunny tips (corny I know). :) 
Just look at that beach isn't it just beckoning you?!  It looks amazing!
    •  Protect your hair.  This is a must especially if you plan on going in the water.  You can opt for an updo, which is perfect because it is uncomfortable to have hair sticking to your back in the hot sun.  and if you really want to protect your hair use a heat spray.  A heat spray that you use when straightening your hair would be sufficient.  Also if you tend to have dry hair it is a good idea to precondition your hair before heading out.  By the way this is a great time to use headbands to keep back any unruly frizz or baby hairs or even frizzy baby hairs! Here are some cool headbands:


    • Wear a minimal amount of makeup.  I know for some of you the thought of going without foundation is mortifying; (but it really shouldn't be :)) no one will really care about your skin at the beach.  The beach is a place to relax so don't worry so much about what you look like.  But if you insist...opt for a tinted moisturizer that will offer light coverage and contains spf.  If you have acne believe it or not the salt in the ocean is great for your skin.  In fact ocean salt scrubs are sold for a pretty penny; so consider this a free spa day!   
    • Suntan lotion! (Duh!)   You may want to use an oil free non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) suntan lotion for your face.  Don't forget to protect under your eyes the last thing you want is tanned on eye bags (I'm speaking from experience here).
    • Paint your toe nails.  I can't even think of going to the beach without painted to nails, but then again that's just me.  Time to whip out the bright colors.  The colors that are very much on trend for this season are bright corals and mint.

      Throw on you bathing suit and some shades and go have fun! 


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