Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sulfate Talk and Shampoo Review

Hi guys,

I just realized I haven't done a review in a while; my last review was in October.  Today I'm reviewing a shampoo I have been using for a while.  Some of you who are reading this post and remember the post I made on coconut oil a while back may be thinking, "this girl is obsessed with coconuts", you may be right. :)

 I bought this product a while back when I was looking for a sulfate-free shampoo.  I chose sulfate-free shampoos over sulfate shampoos because my hair is on the dry side of the spectrum.  Sulfate shampoos leave your hair super-duper clean.  Although this sounds like a good thing, for me it means stripping away of the natural oils that my scalp took a while to produce, leaving it  dry frizzy and hard to tame.  My hair is very curly by the way, so frizz is my ultimate enemy.  When I discovered the effects of sulfates on hair, I switched over to sulfate free.  I knew that sulfates were not helping me with my war on frizz. If your hair is oily and sulfate shampoos (most or "regular" shampoos) work for you, more power to you; my hair can't handle it. 

I picked up my bottle of Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo at my local beauty store.  One thing I love about New York is the abundance of small beauty boutiques and shops.

First reaction: When I first used this product I was hit by the smell...yum!  The consistency of the shampoo, was similar to other shampoos I have used and the color was a bit shimmery and opaque.  I had to use a bit more product than I was used to, to completely sud up my whole head.  When I rinsed the smell lasted but was much more subtle.  My hair was left feeling fresh. 

Sulfate free :)
Great for dry or curly hair (or both)

Amount of product needed for one use

Overall:  This is a good product for people who tend to have dry hair.  This product is not drying but not very moisturizing either, making it okay.  I was not wowed or dissappointed with this product, I got what I expected.  This is a nice relatively inexpensive product, and a good choice for those who don't want to spend a ton on a sulfate-free shampoo.

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡ ♡ (3.5 out of 5)    


  1. hello, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! definitely, let's follow each other, following you on GFC now :)

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  2. Nice review (Y)

  3. I've hear great things about that shampoo!


    1. Yeah the Organix brand is growing popular. Some people are upset with the brand because the name implies "organic" but the brand isn't fully organic; that's not something that is an issue for me, I still like the products. :)

  4. I love this shampoo! It smells delicious and it's definitely one of my favorites!

  5. been wanting to try their anti frizz repair oil but its really expensive on the stores here. my hair is also curly and super frizzy so im really looking for products that can tame them :D

    1. Yeah it's quite a journey to find the right products! When looking, I basically am attracted to anything that says moisturizing.


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