Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Let's Chat #1: Awkward Phase

Hi guys,

Did that picture make you smile? It certainly made me laugh when I came across it today! That is a sea sponge (yes, Spongebob's long lost cousin).  Isn't the ocean such an interesting and amazing place? 

Today was a long day for me and it feels great to just sit back and get to blogging!  I have decided to start a new series about what's on my mind called : Let's Chat.
 This blog post is going to be all about what I am going to call the Awkward Phase. (That is kind of why I chose the picture I did).  I was inspired to write this post after a funny discussion with my friends today.

You may be wondering what on earth is the Awkward Phase?  Well the Awkward Phase is a time where you are, for lack of a better word, awkward.  This time is  different from person to person but I find that the awkward phase is at its peak in middle school and maybe early high school.   What's so awkward about this?  Well it varies from person to person.  For some one it can be that time where your arms were too long in comparison to your body (*cough cough* me).  For someone else it could be that time where you were still waiting to grow into your features.  It might not just be looks either.  Some people go through phases before settling into your own style (example: goth to preppy to punk).  

After discussing this with my friends I realized that everyone has that awkward phase.  If you can't think of one you are probably in it (haha) or your just really lucky!  Conclusion: Everyone has their own weirdness.   Even if you feel like you are the only one trust me you aren't. 

Want a laugh? (you deserve one for reading so much)
I have to make a conscious effort to say: your welcome instead of saying: thank you. 
It would be something like this: Person: "Here is your textbook back.  Thanks."   Me: "Thanks (no, wait) Your welcome."  I have no clue why I do that haha.

Are you awkward?



  1. great post and I just followed! :) I'm not sure if I've been through my awkward phase yet but it's probably going to creep up on me soon!
    I went to an aquarium once and found a smiling fish! Here you go...

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  5. Love this! :) I actually like to read a lot and I think you should continue with post like this :) And I think we're all awkward, aren't we? ;)

    1. Really thanks! I was trying out something new with this type of blog. I'll do more posts like this.

  6. Congratulations ;)

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  7. Love reading your post,,at least I know there's someone else like me...hahaha I always feel awkward, say awkward & do awkward gesture....everyday! even to my hubby...oh my gosh,,I dont why,,ummm maybe I just too awkward :-p

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