Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jean Trends

Hi guys,
The weather is starting to cool down; that means many of you will be running back to your favorite jeans or buying a couple new ones.  For those of you looking to add new jeans to your wardrobe here are some trends for this fall.

So here are the trends (from top left to bottom right)
  • Distressed denim: we see this trend come back quite often.  If you aren't ready to go full-out destructive, you don't have to.  There are different degrees of destruction to choose from, allowing you to choose anything in-between roughed-up and atomic bomb.
  • Colored: We have been seeing this for a couple seasons now.  In the spring summer it was pastels, but now for the cooler months the shades are getting darker.  The pair pictured is in one of my favorite colors. :)
  • Coated Jeans: No, not jeans wearing coats! Coated jeans are a pretty new trend and bold trend this season.  If you are up for it choose metallics or even galaxy jeans.  
  • Florals: If you are not too much of a girly-girl but want to try out this trend try pairing the jeans up with lace-up boots and a leather jacket.
  • Cargo/Camo: Something about cargo skinny jeans makes me thing of Lara Croft from tomb-raider.
  • Cropped and Rolled-up jeans:  These jeans look great with flats and when it gets cooler they are great to pair up with ankle booties.
  • Leather: Nothing says tough like a pair of leather pants!  If you want you can girly-up the pants by wearing a flow-y and girly top.
  • Moto-Jeans:  These are great for if you want that tough-but-not-to-tough look.  Moto-jeans have accents that toughen up the regular jeans.
Remember that these are trends, if you feel like sticking to your old favorites it is completely up to you.  The most important thing about fashion is to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.

Which trends would you like to try?


  1. Wow, all beautiful trends.. It's a difficult choose. Maybe Cargo, because I'm an archaeologist?? :D Kisses

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  5. Love floral ones <3

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  6. I love the burgundy jeans and the moto jeans!

  7. I love this styles! are so cool and femenine!
    I like it! and your blog is gorgeous! :)
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    Julieth Zuleta

    1. Thank you so much for answering Vee! :)
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  8. I absolutely love the floral jeans, but never bought a pair! Definitely down to buy one, as soon as I lose a bit of weight haha. *u*

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  9. Love the distressed and floral ones !
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  14. Great post! I actually like every single jeans above :)



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