Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm Back!

Hi guys,

I'm so happy to be blogging again.  I've been pretty stressed this past week and I'm super glad that finals are over. I spent the whole day cleaning my room.  Finals week makes everything hectic, you don't even get a chance to tidy up your room. Now I can take a breather...  Also it's Memorial Day weekend so you know what that means... The beginning of summer (kind of, sort of).  Anyone got any plans?

In other news during this hectic week I got a new order from Dazzle Deals.  I received a watch and a pair of faux leather leggings.  A word about these leggings... They don't feel anything like they look.  I actually expected them to be a bit hot and sticky feeling, but they just have a nice shine coating on them (so it isn't like wearing an oven rapped around your legs), which is perfect for the summer months.
Have a look:


  1. Your pants are awesome! I love them!


  2. Thanks Lauren, they aren't something I'd usually go far and they have helped me break out of my comfort zone

  3. Looking great girlie, as per usual!! <3


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