Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Unspoken Rules of NYC Life

Hi everyone,

For those of you who don't know I live in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact and I have lived here all my life (but I do love traveling).  I've learned a few things about how to get by in a big city.  I often think that it is pretty simple, but when I see the confused faces of tourists I am reminded that it may not be.  I'm putting this list together so that when you travel to a big city NY for example you don't have a confused look on your face (the tourist face).  Also these tips not only help out you but other commuters, making everyone's life easier.  The key here is be conscientious and be aware!  Many of these tips are common sense especially if you have been any sort of city before.   Here are the unspoken rules of Big City Life:

  • Keep Moving.  This helps everyone out!  I can't stand when people just stop in the middle of traffic.  If you need to stop and talk to some one or check your phone move to the side please.  Tourists aren't the only ones who break this rule but they are often big offenders.  Also keep up with traffic do not walk slow if everyone seems to be rushing around you.  
  • Take the path of least resistance when necessary.  If you've ever been on a crowded block you probably notice that eventually two rows form, one way going towards you and one away from you (the direction you are walking).  Do not get on the wrong row it is just common courtesy.  Also I'd like to make this point.  When a train is coming people tend to run for it please move to the side, people should do the same for you.
  • Allow people to get off the train before you get on.
  • Plan your trip before venturing out.  Ok the MTA is always having some type of repair schedule going on which results in train reroutings and/or delays, especially on weekends.  Check the MTA website to help you plan a trip and check the train situation.  Also there are many apps that help out too.  Don't expect yourself to be a seasoned train rider in a couple days (be fair to yourself).
  • If you are nervous or alone do not ride in the first or last cars of the train.  Many tourists have faces of sheer horror when they see homeless people or anything they aren't used to.  It is a good rule (that I follow) to stay out of secluded cars, because they are often secluded for a reason.
  • Do not take out laptops or tablets on the train.  It might get stolen, it might not but why take the chance.  Also the train may become so crowded it might get bumped out of your hands.
  • Do not take up more room than you need to.  It is obvious that everyone in the city is pressed for space (pun not intended).  Do not take up extra room when you sit on the train.  Do not lean on the train pole stopping others from holding it.  Try to shrink yourself up as much as possible, without being completely uncomfortable of course!
  • Carry cash.  There are many street vendors that sell nice and unique items also if you plan to buy from a food cart carrying cash is very helpful.  But if you are running low you can always find a bank nearby.  
I hope these tips weren't too intimidating!  Also don't be scared of New Yorkers.  New York is not as menacing as shown in the movies. Ask a question if you are lost.

Anyone planning a trip this Summer?


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