Sunday, September 7, 2014

Get the Look: Blue on Blue

Hi everyone,

It just occurred to me I have never done a "Get the Look" post (per-say).  Anyway here is a nice monochromatic look that doesn't look too Summery and not too fall like; which is perfect for right now!  Also I love how this look is monochromatic without being too boring.  You can change it up if blue isn't your thing you might do the same look with another subtle shade like lavender/purple or pink (if you choose something too bright you'll give it more of a summery look).

Have you ever worn one shade/color before?


  1. Un lindo lunes te deseo desde Costa Rica.

  2. What a cool post, it's always a cool idea to try a new type of post than the usual or you get stuck in a rut! I love this blue-on-blue outfit inspiration, blue is a colour I don't wear very often so I will definitely think of your tips when I next style that shade for myself :)

    xx Debbie

    1. Thanks... great! You can definitely pull it off.


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