Sunday, September 14, 2014

Book Review: Gone Girl (spoiler free)

Hi everyone,

Here is a little book review for you all; I figured that I might as well do one before the movie is released in October (although I finished the book a while ago).  Since this is already buzzed about book, I decided that I might as well give my take on it so if you want to read it you can decide for yourself, hopefully before the movie comes out!   (Don't worry this is completely spoiler free).

I am just going to go off on a tangent for a second... This may seem a bit odd but I hate when I am reading a book when it is in the theaters or after it was in the theaters (bleh)!  If I read that close to the premier I feel like I'm just reading it because it is popular or because there is a movie.  Also I can't stand books that get movie covers on them, I prefer the original cover without the actor's face slapped on it.  Anyone with me, or I am I alone on that issue?

Here is a summary:  On Amy and Nick's (Ben Affleck)  fifth wedding anniversary Amy (Rosamund Pike) goes missing.  Due to signs of a struggle in their house and Nick's lack of honesty with the police, Nick is prime suspect.  Nick claims he is innocent... Is he?

The good:
I am going to admit that I really really enjoyed reading this novel.  The novel is written from alternating perspectives from both Nick Dunne and Amy Elliot Dunne.  Flynn's writing style is captivating and she does a fantastic job fleshing out the characters.  And there are so many plot twists I was taken on a roller coaster ride and at points I started to believe that everything I knew was a lie!  In the book, Amy makes interesting and thought provoking comments on society and relationships in today's age (which definitely is something to think about during and after your read of the book).  

The bad:
(This is so hard not to spoil anything)!  I will say that the only thing I had a problem with with was the ending.  I felt that the ending was a bit flat (compared to the rest of the novel), and it felt a bit forced.  I was very disappointed with the ending.  But... I hear that the ending may be told a bit differently in the movie.

I think this is a great book if you are along for the ride.  Flynn's writing style is great and dimensional in a sense that, she writes differently to portray different perspectives (Amy and Nick). This is definitely a book to read in a book club or with a friend because there is so much to discuss. (Warning: this is not a book for children).

Will I go see it in the movies? Yes!  I hope it does the book justice!

Anyone else read this book?  Planning to see the movie/read it?


  1. I have been meaning to read this book for the longest time! I really want to find the time to read it before the movie comes out. Thanks for the great review!


    1. you definitely should read it! I know you are a quick reader, and this book is a quick read, so you have lots of time to read it.


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