Friday, October 10, 2014

Let's Chat #24: Getting Perspective

Hi everyone,

We've all been there where are wallowing in your own sorrow, it doesn't seem that way to you but to others it can.  I am not talking about genuine warranted sadness here, (or even clinical depression) just a random type that creeps up on you.  When we are caught in a pickle out problems seem enormous and if we are too caught up with ourselves everything seems to be a problem (make sense?).  If we are caught up in ourselves we tend to make little problems into huge ones because we can't see anything else.  It is a concept that is a bit hard to explain, but we are almost all guilty of it (me included) once it a while.  We need to just snap out of it!  

Although you can be forced to snap out of it by facing a bigger problem, that isn't something we really want.  So here are some ways to get out of your rut and get some perspective!

  • Listen to music:  This can either make things better or worse.  Do not listen to sad music it will make you more depressed.  Sometimes I listen to sad music when I am depressed and it usually adds nothing to the cause.  Listen to happy music or relaxing music (maybe even some rainforest sounds or something haha).
  • Watch a funny movie: sometimes it can be hard to find a comedy that actually makes you laugh especially when you are in a funky mood but find an old favorite.
  • Read: take yourself into another universe with your favorite characters. :)
  • Go outside!  This is my personal favorite.  Go outside and do something, anything.  A change of scenery is sometimes all I need.  Even if you   run some errands at least you will feel accomplished.
  • Talk to someone:  Go see what someone else is up to and maybe vent a bit.
  • Occupy yourself: (self explanatory).

Hopefully this is helpful to someone.

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