Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let's Chat #23 Catching Up and More...

Hi everyone,

Considering I haven't posted in a long while I suppose it is time for a "Let's Chat"...

I as you have imagined,  I have been extremely busy.  I had tons of studying to do for four exams.  On top of that I had to study while I was under the weather.  Well now I am free!... Sort of... I have another exam next week, but today I decided to make blogging a priority.

Since I spent the whole week studying.  I am going to offer some advice for when you are overwhelmed with tests; or just overwhelmed in general.

  1. Organize.  Know your due dates/deadlines.  Personally, I love using a physical planner and really don't like using my phone.  There is just something about using a physical planner to see everything laid out,  that makes me feel more organized; I update it religiously and I hardly would ever check or update dates on my phone.  If the phone works for you fine.  But if you really have a ton of things to juggle I recommend an old school planner.
  2. Prioritize.  For example, when you are faced with many exams (especially if they fall only in a couple of days) you must plan how you are going to study!  Yes it is a must.  As soon as possible plan out what you will study (and how) you will study each day.  Here are some questions to think about when prioritizing :  Which test is first?  Which class is most difficult? What type of studying would best fit the format of this test?
  3. Do not procrastinate. If you have lots on your plate you don't have time for junk.  But, that being said,  you do have time for breaks... to keep your sanity of course!
  4. Know when enough is enough.  In other words don't work indefinitely and go to sleep!
  5. Once everything is said and done give yourself a pampering/relaxing day at the end, you've earned it. (That day is today for me).
Happy October everyone!

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