Sunday, November 17, 2013

Don't Get Sick!

Hi guys,

The cooler months are here and it is only going to get colder.  (Sorry for being such a downer, but it's true).  When the seasons change people get sick, don't be one of them!  Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy.  I promise I won't get too Science-y on you guys.

1) Go to sleep-  Your body has to be charged to the max if you want it to fight against any sickness or even allergies for that matter.
2) Stay warm- I know people debate this one a ton.  Some people claim that being cold does not make it sick.  But like not having enough sleep, you aren't setting yourself up for a fair fight against a sickness.  Your body is a bit more stressed out trying to keep you warm instead of putting all of its effort into fighting off the sick!
3) Drink more fluids-  Although your body is capable of flushing itself out it can always use a bit of help.
4) Eat healthy-  What can I say?  You should try to be healthy anyway.  Try to give your body an extra boost in vitamins: A, B, C and E, whether in supplement or food form.  My personal favorites are green tea and grapefruit.  If people around you are sick I suggest stocking up on vitamins.

These tips can also help you fight off sickness quicker once you are already sick.
How do you stay healthy?


  1. I just love these kind of posts :) I would add exercising as well, really healthy! ;)

    1. Your completely right Tijana, exercise is important.

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