Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let's Chat #4: Relax

Hi guys,

This week hasn't been the best and I'm glad it is over.  It was one of those weeks when you feel like nothing goes your way.  Well at least a new week is starting soon.

School or work can leave you stressed out and unable to relax.  I know sometimes I get so wired from school that I feel guilty just sitting down and relaxing, this is a terrible thing.  If you are a workaholic you need to relax before you burn out.  Think about it this way if you keep your laptop and use it everyday and just close it from time to time, it will eventually run out of battery.  You are the laptop and you need to recharge and not just rest. 

Last year in the midst of my studies I began to burn out.  I was so bitter about school work that I hated it.  I did not enjoy my classes at all, not because I do not like the topic but because I was so worn out that I no longer wanted to work.  People told me that I was too young to burn out, and I thought to myself "If that is true I can only go downhill from there", (yes I know a bit pessimistic).   In my case the burn out was the result of years of constant work and I haven't had a summer off (I'm a sophomore in college now) for as long as I can remember.   This past summer I took a break, I didn't get a Summer job or an internship.  I have to admit at first I felt guilty not doing anything for the Summer. When I went back to school I felt much happier and motivated. 

Many of you may not be able to take time off to give yourself a break but you should find bits of time to relax.  Don't feel guilty relaxing! You are a person, not a robot (even though I used the laptop metaphor earlier).
Here are some things you might want to do to help relax.  Although some of these are very obvious, sometimes I find myself staring at the wall wondering what to do, I know many other people must feel the same.
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Enjoy a nice walk
  • Find a non-stressful hobby that lets your mind wander (example: knitting)
  • Read a book (non-work/school related)
  • Hang out with your friends
  • Watch a movie
  • Blog :)
  • Cook
  • Write/Draw
  • Music
  • Have a pampering day
  • Find a new hobby.
Life can be quite a juggling act work and play are two of the things we have to juggle.  Although some people can work for what seems like forever without being stressed you need to relax every once in a while.  Even if you think you don't have the time, for fun at all, you need to find a way to stop you from burning out. 


  1. So true, my parents think the younger peoples burn out easier than them...

  2. Thanks for thanks for stopping by... Yup.. I can definitely relate to one of those weeks..

  3. Such smart advices :)
    I totally agree...everyone shoul find time to relax too!

  4. Great post! We sometimes even forget that relaxing as important and actually feel guilty about it as you said. I really like the laptop metaphor, so true!


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