Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fifties Dresses

Hi everyone,

I really admire vintage beauty and fashion which, is why I love dresses from the 1950's, they are feminine and classy.  It seems like everything was super classy back then.  Have you ever looked at a yearbook from around 1950's or so?  All of the girls looked like movie stars!  Not a strand of hair is out of place and their makeup is just right!  Props to anyone who takes that much care of themselves it can be a heavy work load.  
Feast your eyes on these dresses!

What is your favorite decade for fashion?
By the way... stay tuned for another dress post! ;)


  1. love vintage fashion as well vee, they dont always look good on me tho. i feel like sometimes these kinds of dresses make me look too young :P

  2. The dresses are perfect <3


  3. nice vintage look dresses


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