Friday, April 18, 2014

Still Looking for a New Look: Makeup (New series)

Hi everyone,

I know many of us have been there where something gets so routine it's not fun anymore; when this happens to our beauty routines we must do something because makeup and hair shouldn't be such a boring chore.  Here is a little mini series I made to help you get out of that rut!  And the first of this series will be about makeup (the others will be about hair and clothes)!  Hope you find something inspiring!

  • Soft vs. Statement making:  I know I don't really go all out in the lipstick department on the daily so if I am wearing any lipstick (I usually wear gloss), it would probably be "soft", but maybe I'll change it up. :) And if you are up for it maybe you should too.   Above I have a "nude" lipstick and a "coral" lipstick.  Why all of the quotation marks?  People have hundreds of different definitions of nude and coral.  Here is an example I've heard that nude is a color close to your natural lip, a soft pink or a color close to your skin tone (I'm not sure what to believe).  I'll let you pick your definition. :)
  • Neutral vs. Neon: If you usually head out the door in brown or black eyeliner and want to get extra sassy try lining either your top or bottom lash line with a different color.  If you are very used to brown or black this may take a bit of getting used to.
  • Earthy vs. Vibrant: If you wear earth-tones try bright spring colors or if your feeling bold go for a vibrant color.  Choosing a vibrant color can be tricky, but if you are up for it... blend the vibrant color in with a neutral color  (use the vibrant color on the lid and neutral on the crease).  Go have fun with your eye shadows, the most playful part of makeup.
  • Blush vs. Bronzer:  I'm going to be completely honest and say that I have never set foot in the world of bronzer but I may be giving it a try soon.  If you are un-experienced in wearing blush and rely on bronzer it may be time to switch things up as well!
  • Delicate vs. Daring:  I know nail polish isn't really makeup but hey, if that's something you want to change up go ahead!
Well I hope you found this post helpful.  You don't have to change everything up just because it is a new season.  If you are like me then you will probably not recognize yourself  after all of these changes and prefer gradual change; but if you are up for it great!  Also don't feel pressured into doing something because it is trendy if you are comfortable and set in your ways then so be it. :)

Also keep an eye out for the next two posts in the series!
Are you willing to change up your makeup for Spring?


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